25 Jan 2011

Entire blocks of infected kiwifruit vines may be cleared

8:05 am on 25 January 2011

The kiwifruit industry is considering clearing entire blocks of vines that are infected with a particular strain of the vine disease PSA.

Nearly a quarter of the 126 kiwifruit orchards confirmed as having PSA have been found to have a more aggressive Italian-like strain of the disease.

The general manager of the organisation set up to manage the industry's response to PSA, John Burke, says these orchards are all in the Te Puke area, which may mean the strain can be contained.

He says 11 hectares of vines have so far been removed, and they're considering clearing all the vines infected with the aggressive strain.

Mr Burke says financial support is available to those growers who have to clear kiwifruit vines.