20 Jan 2011

Rugby World Cup organisers target dodgy websites

12:03 pm on 20 January 2011

Rugby World Cup lawyers are working with internet search engines to stop websites peddling non-existent tickets to the tournament.

So far, organisers have received three complaints from people who have encountered bogus sites.

Fans searching for World Cup tickets on Google will find Online Ticket Express appearing above the tournament website as a sponsored link.

Despite promising the best online prices, its offerings are not cheap - with some tickets to see New Zealand play Tonga costing almost $1000.

Rugby World Cup 2011 says the prices are inflated and the tickets possibly non-existent.

Complaints organisers have received about bogus websites all concern a Norwegian company, called Euroteam.

Rugby World Cup 2011 says taking action against websites can be a slow process because most are operated from other countries.