12 Jan 2011

Labour Dept rejects quadbike recommendations by coroner

6:03 am on 12 January 2011

The Labour Department has rejected a call by Wellington Coroner Ian Smith for it to look at making safety-belts and roll bars compulsory on quadbikes.

The recommendation followed an inquest into the death of a Wairarapa beekeeper, Jody Santos, who died after falling from an ATV in 2008.

The quad bike did not have a warrant of fitness and Mr Santos was not wearing a safety helmet.

The coroner recommended the Ministries of Labour and Transport investigate the mandatory use of helmets on quad bikes and the installation of roll bars and lap belts.

The department says it is already against the law for a quad bike rider not to wear a helmet while in a work place, like a farm.

However, it says the science supporting the use of roll bars is far from complete and lap belts would prevent a rider from standing, which is essential for safety.