10 Jan 2011

Monday's newspaper headlines

8:13 am on 10 January 2011

Alert for new party drug; treatment for country's 10 most costly patients topped $5 million; tidal wave of garbage ruining summer fun.

NZ Herald

Some of Auckland's most popular coastal spots are becoming rubbish dumps as floating piles of garbage wash up on them. The paper says 80 large shipping containers worth of trash has been pulled from the waters since 2002 - and 90% of it comes from the land - being blown into the water or ending up there through drains.

Unions are planning to fight an order by the State Services Commission that says Government agencies must include the 90-day-trial period in all contracts.

Dominion Post

Hospitals are on the alert for a new drug mephedrone which the paper says is being sold by drug dealers as a substitute for ecstasy. It's illegal to import the Class C drug, but it's available over the internet.

There are unconfirmed reports that Elijah Wood - aka Frodo - will appear in The Hobbit movie even though the prequel is set before his character is born.

The Press

The Earthquake Commission has hired more than 100 former police officers to assess damaged homes. The Commission won't comment on how much loss adjustors are being paid - but the paper understands it's at least $500 a day, and in some cases up to $1000.

The Press catalogues the country's 10 most costly patients - with treatment for one young girl costing close to $1 million last year.

Otago Daily Times

Skiing and snowboarding injuries accounted for a quarter of Otago's $26 million in ACC claims in the last financial year. The paper says more than 26,000 people lodged claims for sporting injuries - only one or two of which were for cricket injuries.

The ODT has a photo of the victorious men's fours team at the National Bowls Champs in Mosgiel. The team includes a father and son.