5 Jan 2011

Summer Report: local papers

8:30 am on 5 January 2011

Wednesday's headlines: Dead snapper on Coromandel beaches; NZ Civil Defence emergency team being sent to Queensland; Dunedin company wants to build and install up to 40 turbines per year.

NZ Herald

Hundreds of dead snapper on Coromandel beaches are pictured on the front page of The New Zealand Herald. The Ministry of Fisheries is investigating, but says there could be an innocent explanation, such as a net splitting.

Also, the story of a boy's miracle survival. The paper reports Mason Kaaho, nine, was swept over a 20 metre waterfall in a Queensland stream. Once he popped up, he managed to swim to the side. Amazingly, he had only minor injuries.

Dominion Post

The Dominion Post has more tragic news. Previously, it was the discovery of Jem Erbay's body. The body of Anare Nayacatoga, 27, was found 100 metres off Seatoun beach on Tuesday. Police say he got cramp while diving for mussells and swimming in strong currents.

The Press

New Zealand's response to the Queensland floods features prominently on the front page of The Press. A Civil Defence emergency team is being sent to Australia.

The paper also reports that former gang leader, Darryl Harris, will no longer receive a sickness benefit he's been claiming for the past 26 years. Apparently, he quote no longer meets standard eligibility requirements. The Ministry of Social Development has attempted to cancel the benefit before - but was thwarted when one of its own doctors said Mr Harris was addicted to cannabis.

The paper says the Government is taking a harder line on benefit claims, including work-testing for sickness benefits from May.


The Otago Daily Times says a Dunedin company, Powerhouse Wind, is seeking $700,000 for wind turbines. It wants to build and install up to 40 turbines per year - within New Zealand and overseas.

An Alexandra woman was thrown backwards off a jetboat on Lake Dunstan on Tuesday when the boat hit a sandbar. She had head injuries but has been discharged from hospital . Now, police are warning people to avoid the Kawarau arm of Lake Dunstan while the water is high.