4 Jan 2011

Police want tougher sentences for fleeing drivers

12:03 pm on 4 January 2011

The Police Association believes the public would back stiffer penalties against drivers who flee from police.

It's repeating calls for tougher action, after a year in which there were 19 deaths linked to police pursuits.

It says police have to change the mindset of drivers who fail to stop, and need support from government and the judiciary to do that.

Association president Greg O'Connor says drivers are fleeing from police more and more because they think they can get away with it.

He says the Government and judges need to start 'coming down harder' on people who fail to stop.

Mr O'Connor says the association is in contact with Police Minister Judith Collins, about the matter.

But, he says, moves toward change are being hamstrung by the Independent Police Conduct Authority's stance against officers who pursue offenders.