1 Jan 2011

Cigarettes now 10% more expensive

10:25 am on 1 January 2011

The price of cigarettes goes up by 10% on 1 January.

Cigarettes now cost as much as $16 for a packet of 20, while a pouch of tobacco rises to $27.

The price rise is part of a 30% increase in tobacco excise over two years.

Chief executive of Quit Group, Paula Snowden, believes calls to Quitline on Saturday will be up by about a third on any other day.

She says January is a traditional time for people to reflect on their health and well-being, and the price rise is even more motivation.

Ms Snowden says one 20-a-day smoker in a family can spend the equivalent of a tank of petrol in one week, and a week's rent over the course of a month on cigarettes.

Research shows a smoker is five times as likely to quit for good if they get support, she says.