30 Dec 2010

Failed Christurch bus company fined $783,000

1:26 pm on 30 December 2010

A failed bus company in Christchurch has been issued with $783,000 in fines.

The Canterbury regional council has penalised the Christchurch Bus Services Ltd because of poor performance in November.

Most of the 62 buses ordered off the road by police in November were either owned or operated by the company, which is in receivership.

At the time, the union representing bus drivers was calling for the company to be shut down because of safety issues.

The council's acting director of operations, Wayne Holton-Jeffries, says Christchurch Bus Services did not have the resources to provide its contracted service during November.

Mr Holton-Jeffries says the bus company was struggling financially in September and was allowed to continue running for another month or so until it was sold.

Payment of the penalties will have to come from the company's receivers, he says.