16 Dec 2010

Police make breakthrough in Mallory Manning case

7:38 pm on 16 December 2010

Christchurch police believe they have identified the site where Mallory Manning was taken and attacked before she was killed nearly two years ago.

The 27-year-old Christchurch sex worker was strangled, beaten and stabbed on 18 December 2008. Her body was found in the Avon River the following day.

Seeds found on Ms Manning's clothing allowed police to identify 16 places in Christchurch where the attack could have taken place.

Police have now found evidence at one of these locations, on Galbraith Avenue, near where Ms Manning's body was found and say they think that is where she was attacked.

Detective Inspector Greg Williams says the property was being used at the time by the Christchurch chapter of the Mongrel Mob.

Mr Williams says the gang is a significant part of the investigation, but has not ruled out that other people could have had accessed the property.

A woman who lives across the road from the property, Leslie Erickson, says at the time Ms Manning was killed it was inhabited by the gang and the property has been a problem for years.