15 Dec 2010

Creative NZ allocates money in new process

1:19 pm on 15 December 2010

Creative New Zealand has revealed the arts organisations that will receive ongoing support through its new funding process.

From 2012, about $21 million will be allocated annually to the Arts Leadership and Development Programmes, which replace previous long-term funding schemes.

Of the 39 organisations that applied for the leadership programme for a term of two to five years, 22 have been accepted and a further 10 are still being considered.

Creative New Zealand chief executive Stephen Wainwright says applicants had to show they had good governance and were able to raise money from the community.

Mr Wainwright says some people made a compelling case for funding, but others have been asked to provide more evidence.

He says organisations that miss out on the leadership programme can apply for the investment scheme, which provides funding for a term between six and 24 months.

The funding is allocated in August 2011.