15 Dec 2010

NZ approach to maths sets example - study

12:03 pm on 15 December 2010

A British study has held up New Zealand's approach to secondary school maths as an example to follow.

Of the 24 countries the report considered, and New Zealand was among the five with the highest participation in advanced maths.

The report, by education and social policy research group the Nuffield Foundation, said 41% of New Zealand secondary school pupils over the age of 16 study advanced maths, compared to just 13% in England.

Lead researcher Dr Jeremy Hodgen of Kings College told The Guardian newspaper that England should look to New Zealand, as the two countries have similar education systems and, unlike some other countries in the study, advanced maths is not compulsory.

However, Dr Hodgen says New Zealand has more attractive maths options than England, particularly in its statistics option.