12 Dec 2010

Ex-head of Tainui parliament seeks injunction

2:19 pm on 12 December 2010

Tainui's chairman says the sacked head of the tribe's parliament is taking court action against it.

Te Kauhanganui chair Tania Martin was dismissed by King Tuheitia after she accused the iwi executive board of unwise spending and paying themselves too much money in fees.

The king's actions are unprecedented and have been criticised by some members of Waikato Tainui as being a breach of their constitution.

Executive board chairman Tukuroirangi Morgan told the Marae programme on TV One on Sunday that Ms Martin has sought a court injunction.

She is seeking determination from the court on her position and on the king's decision to dismiss her.

Mr Morgan said Tainui tried to keep the dispute out of court and wanted to follow its own dispute resolution process.

He said the tribe will fight the injunction, which will be heard at the High Court on Tuesday.

Earlier, Waikato-Hauraki MP Nanaia Mahuta said the Kingitanga will suffer long term damage if the governance crisis goes to court.

Waatea News reported on Friday that Ms Mahuta said Tainui has seen what has happened in past years when disputes between the tribal parliament, Te Kauhanganui, and the executive, Te Ara Taura, were taken out of the tribal domain.