8 Dec 2010

Inquest hears from man cleared of sister's death

4:38 pm on 8 December 2010

A man acquitted of his sister's murder has given evidence at an inquest in Christchurch in relation to her death.

Denis Billesdon was found not guilty at a trial last year of smothering Nola Billesdon.

Coroner Richard McElrea told Mr Billesdon the inquest was not a retrial and the main focus was to determine how his sister died, not to find out whether he was criminally responsible.

Detective Richard Quested told the inquest on Wednesday that police still believe Mr Billesdon killed his sister.

Mr Quested said Mr Billesdon forced her to change her will so he receives her estate when she died.

Denis Billesdon told the coroner although he did not kill his sister she pleaded with him dozens of times to end her life, and he thought seriously about helping her die.

Mr Billesdon said he has developed the same illness that his sister suffered from at the time of her death, which has increased his sympathy for people who commit euthanasia.

The Coroner has reserved his decision.