6 Dec 2010

Spotlight hunters alarm residents in Lake Brunner area

2:05 pm on 6 December 2010

People in the Lake Brunner area near Greymouth say police need to stop hunters who are going after game at night in built up areas.

Residents of Arnold Valley Road say there have been several incidents in recent weeks where deer have been shot at night close to homes.

An Arnold Valley Road resident, Colin McMaster, says there could be a repeat of the fatal shooting of Rosemary Ives earlier this year if police aren't able to stop the hunters in his area.

Ms Ives was shot and killed at a campground at Turangi when a hunter using a spotlight mistook her for a deer.

Christine Anderson, who lives on Arnold Valley Road, awoke on Wednesday night to the sound of gunfire. A neighbour later told her remains of the deer were found only 100 metres from the house.

Mrs Anderson, who's eight months pregnant, says it was scary that someone was using a high-powered gun so close by at night, as the bedroom the baby will be in was very close.