3 Dec 2010

Ethnic enclaves grow as social shopping hubs

9:24 am on 3 December 2010

New research suggests Asian migrants are developing their own sub-economy in parts of Auckland.

A study by Massey University says ethnic shopping districts in Auckland are booming.

Northcote, a cluster of about 50 Asian food and lifestyle stores, is one such hot spot to shop and socialise.

Sociologist Carina Mears says ethnic enclaves are increasingly popular, offering a place not just to shop, but to feel part of a community.

Dr Mears says ethnic precincts are quite a new phenomena in New Zealand compared with other countries.

Northcote shoppers say they go there because they can't find what they want in mainstream shops.

Dr Mears says more ethnic enclaves are likely to open in other parts of the country as more migrants move there.