2 Dec 2010

Warning NZEI deal has no bearing on other talks

7:07 pm on 2 December 2010

Union leaders are warning a wage settlement for primary teachers and principals is no indication that others will follow suit.

Secondary school teachers and principals are seeking better working conditions, as well as a bigger pay rise.

At present, pay talks for secondary and area school teachers and secondary principals are stalled.

It is likely they will be offered the same 2.75% pay rise that primary teachers and principals belonging to the NZEI have been offered.

But the Post Primary Teachers' Association says the secondary talks are stuck on issues specific to secondary schools.

The Secondary Principals' Assocation says it wants a pay rise of 3.75% to 4%, plus new salary steps after three, six and nine years in the job.

It says principals will consider taking industrial action - something secondary and area school teachers have already approved.

The NZEI will ask its teachers and principals to accept the 2.75% increase, which comes with a one-off payment of $300 and covers two years.

If the PPTA obtains a better deal than the NZEI, this will be automatically offered to the primary teachers.

More industrial action is being considered by the groups in the new year.