26 Nov 2010

Man who killed tagger to be freed

7:43 pm on 26 November 2010

A man who stabbed a teenage tagger to death in South Auckland will be released from jail next month.

Bruce Emery was sent to prison in February 2009 for the manslaughter of 15-year-old Pihema Cameron, whom he caught spray-painting his garage door.

Emery was serving a sentence of four years, three months.

His December release means he will have served less than half his sentence in jail.

The Parole Board says a psychologist's report in October concluded Emery was at a low risk of reoffending.

It says Emery will be released to an undisclosed residential address, and he will be under a number of special conditions until his sentence expiry date in 2013.

These include completing counselling, only undertaking employment approved by his probation officer and not having any contact with the family of his victim.