31 Mar 2009

NZ court reserves decision over Polish man's assets

8:32 pm on 31 March 2009

The Supreme Court has reserved its decision over whether a Polish restraining order can be placed on the property of a Polish man living in New Zealand.

Slawomir Bujak is suspected of criminal offending in his native Poland involving more than $NZ1.5 million.

Polish authorities have asked the Solicitor-General to help enforce a Polish court order preventing Mr Bujak from disposing of his New Zealand assets to avoid paying a fine if he is found guilty in Poland.

On Tuesday, Mr Bujak's lawyer told the Supreme Court that there was nothing linking the property to be restrained with the alleged crimes and the order upheld by the Court of Appeal should be overturned.

However, the Crown said the Attorney-General determines which applications by foreign governments are legally able to be registered in New Zealand and must consider several matters, including the seriousness of the alleged offence.

The Crown lawyer said Mr Bujak's case raises no concern about human rights.