11 Nov 2010

Pro-cannabis protesters smoke drug at Parliament

12:28 pm on 11 November 2010

More than 50 people, some smoking cannabis, marched on the grounds at Parliament on Thursday, calling for the Government to decriminalise the drug.

The National Organisation for the Reform of Marijuana Laws (Norml) staged the event to coincide with Armistice Day, which marks the anniversary of the armistice that ended hostilities on the Western Front in World War I.

Organiser Dakta Green says it is time for an armistice on what he says is the Goverment's unjust and unwinnable war on drug users.

He told the crowd that people who need cannabis as a medicine should be able to have legal access to it.

Mr Green says California decriminalised cannabis for medical use 14 years ago, but in New Zealand people are imprisoned for it.

MPs have no right to make cannabis smokers criminals, he says.