9 Nov 2010

P labs: we need public's help, say police

8:45 pm on 9 November 2010

Police say they need people's help if they are going to continue making progress in their crackdown on methamphetamine, or P.

They say they're exposing more and more clandestine labs - 115 this year - but believe that many more are going undetected.

Assistant commissioner Grant Nicholls says P labs can be found anywhere - in flats, homes, motel rooms and even car boots.

Mr Nicholls says there are certain signs that a lab might be in operation. They include bitter, insolvent or ammonia smells, and unusual activity such as blacked-out windows, lots of people coming and going, and chemical containers in the rubbish.

He says anyone who suspects they have found or live near a P lab should contact police immediately.