8 Nov 2010

Radiographers call off strike

4:59 pm on 8 November 2010

Radiographers have called off a planned two-day nationwide strike that was to have begun early on Tuesday.

Radiographers are responsible for X-rays, images and scans at public hospitals.

They were to have gone on strike from 7an until the same time on Thursday in their long-running row with district health boards over pay.

The boards say they were told by the radiographers' union, Apex, on Monday afternoon that the strike has been cancelled.

They say talks have been scheduled between the two sides in Auckland on Tuesday afternoon.

The strike would have affected all boards except one in Taranaki.

Radiographers have been involved in low-level strike action for months, but the escalation led health boards to cancel or postpone hundreds of surgical procedures involving radiology, including CT and MRI scans and mammograms.

Apex says it will challenge the boards to negotiate in a more genuine way at Tuesday's talks.