7 Nov 2010

Transport Agency accused of avoiding relocation payment

2:49 pm on 7 November 2010

A wire-manufacturing company being forced to move to make way for a motorway extension says the Transport Agency is trying to get the company evicted rather than pay relocation costs.

Faulkner Collins occupies a property in Mount Roskill, Auckland, owned by the agency but is under pressure to leave to make way for the Waterview motorway extension.

The company owes the Transport Agency $99,000 in rent arrears but says it cannot pay the money unless the agency agrees to pay for its relocation costs, which would be at least $1.5 million.

The company says it is entitled to that compensation under the Public Works Act.

Chief executive Hadley Wright says 50 jobs are on the line if the Government does not step in.

The Transport Agency says it has given the company until Monday to pay the rent.