22 Oct 2010

Diabetes emergency kit recalled for second time

6:55 pm on 22 October 2010

Kits used by diabetics in emergencies has been recalled for the second time this year.

Danish manufacturer Novo Nordisk has reported a fault in a component of the kits and has asked for the recall.

About 3000 GlucaGen Hypokits, which are used to treat severe low blood sugar, have been recalled because of concerns about cracked glass vials.

Susan Martindale of the Ministry of Health's Medsafe team says patients should return any kits they have bought since September to their pharmacist.

Ms Martindale says Medsafe will work with local regulators to investigate the reasons for the two recalls.

In August, Novo Nordisk recalled the GlucaGen kit because of faulty glass syringes.

The company says the risk of the kits not working is extremely low. It says the recalls are regrettable and it will step up efforts to reduce defects.