17 Oct 2010

Fire fighter says attack "aggressive and appalling"

4:59 pm on 17 October 2010

A volunteer fire fighter who was knocked down by brawling drunken party goers while attending an emergency call out says the attack was carried out by three people supported by a crowd of about 20.

Pat Fairweather says his assailants were very aggressive.

Mr Fairweather was one of four volunteer firefighters attending a reported car crash in the Marlborough settlement of Havelock, that turned out to be a false alarm.

Mr Fairweather, who's a builder by trade, says the attack was aggressive and appalling.

He says they were totally shocked and they have never had anything like that happen to them before.

Mr Fairweather was knocked down during the melee, and kicked, but escaped with grazes and bruising.

He says the two sides grappled with each other on the side of the road, then a tense standoff ensued which ended when police arrived.

Three people will appear in Blenheim District Court on various charges, with more serious charges under consideration.