16 Oct 2010

Can Whakatane claim the world's longest cake?

9:16 pm on 16 October 2010

Bakers in Whakatane are waiting for confirmation that they have produced the world's longest cake.

Before slices of the the jam sponge roll were sold to raise money for the Fresh Future Children's Hospital Appeal, it measured 62.34 metres long.

The standing record is 35 metres.

The charity's chair, Ruth Krippner, says it took about eight people 22 hours to make the cake, which contained 800 eggs and 82 kilograms of sponge mix.

The cake, which was baked in segments nearly a metre long and iced together to form a snake, was on show at Whakatane's Countdown supermarket on Saturday morning.

Ms Krippner says Guinness World Records must now validate the attempt.