16 Oct 2010

Westland tired of waiting for alternatives to 1080 - mayor

2:46 pm on 16 October 2010

Westland district Mayor Maureen Pugh says her community is tired of waiting for alternatives to 1080.

The Department of Conservation and the Animal Health Board say the poison helps keep pest numbers down, controlling the spread of bovine TB and protecting native birds.

But opponents say it's inhumane and unnecessary.

Ms Pugh says its time to rethink the use of 1080.

Scientists say new and more humane toxins are being developed, but it could still be six years before they are ready.

The Animal Health Board says removing 1080 won't stop the protests. It says 1080 has reduced the spread of TB, and other poisons may not be as effective.

More can be heard about the future of 1080 on Insight after the 8am news on Sunday.