28 Sep 2010

Coroner urges firearm law changes after fatal shooting

7:01 pm on 28 September 2010

The fatal shooting of a Wairarapa teenager has prompted Wellington's coroner to recommend a review of the law regarding the careless use of firearms.

Aaron Grimwood, who was 17, was killed in November 2008, when his friend accidentally knocked the trigger when loading a rifle as they were preparing to go rabbit shooting.

The firearm belonged to Aaron Grimwood's father and neither the teenager nor the youth who shot him, Raven Walters, had firearms licences.

Walters subsequently pleaded guilty to a charge of careless use of a firearm causing death.

The coroner, Ian Smith, has suggested Parliament consider changing the firearms law, perhaps including a more serious charge of dangerous use of a firearm, to reflect the range of circumstances in which such deaths occur.