17 Sep 2010

Man jailed for supplying fatal methadone dose

8:45 pm on 17 September 2010

A man who supplied a fatal dose of methadone to his son's friend is beginning a two-year jail term.

Daniel Ewen was sentenced in the High Court in Wellington on Friday on a charge of supplying a class B controlled drug. He had previously pleaded guilty.

In October last year Daniel Ewen's son and his son's friend, Aaron Miller, were drinking at Ewen's home.

Ewen was on the methadone programme and filled a syringe from a small supply of the drug at his home and gave it to the Manawatu teenager who died the following morning.

A toxicology report showed the 17-year-old had also taken an anti-anxiety drug and been drinking, and the combination of substances killed him.

Justice Ron Young said Ewen's actions were beyond irresponsible and home detention would not reflect the gravity of his offending.

However, Aaron Miller's family are angry at the short sentence, saying two years in jail is not enough.

His mother, Linda Murphy, says the family did not find out for two months about the cocktail of drugs that killed her son and, despite visiting their home, Ewen did not tell them about it.