12 Sep 2010

Queen says up to NZers if they want to become a republic - Tizard

8:11 am on 12 September 2010

Former Governor-General Dame Catherine Tizard says she has spoken with the Queen about New Zealand becoming a republic.

Dame Catherine was the first female Governor-General, and also served as mayor of Auckland City.

She says she has never been a republican, and says the constitutional monarchy serves New Zealand perfectly well.

In an interview with Kim Hill on Radio New Zealand National, Dame Catherine Tizard said that during discussions, the Queen told her it is entirely up to New Zealand whether it becomes a republic.

She says she believes it is likely that arrangements will be put in place to remove the monarchy once Queen Elizabeth passes away.

Dame Catherine says any decision on becoming a republic needs to be thought through very carefully as there are serious implications involved with removing the Queen as New Zealand's figurehead.