11 Sep 2010

Arrests in joint police operation against alcohol-related crime

12:41 pm on 11 September 2010

Some 500 people have been charged and 10 police officers assaulted in New South Wales during an operation targetting alcohol-related crime.

Police in all Australian states and in New Zealand are taking part in a second joint operation, known as Operation Unite.

More than 17,000 people were breath-tested in Sydney, some 163 were charged with drink driving and several arrested for burglary and violence, the ABC reports police as saying.

Figures from the operation in New Zealand were not yet available.

All 12 New Zealand police districts took part in the operation, although Canterbury's involvement was to be reduced because of the earthquake.

The first Operation Unite, in December last year, resulted in 985 arrests in this country for crimes such as drink-driving, breaches of liquor bans and alcohol-fuelled assaults.