26 Aug 2010

Council challenges Transport Agency on speed limits

9:54 am on 26 August 2010

Selwyn District Council says it is laying down a challenge to the Transport Agency by deciding to change the speed limits outside seven schools in its region.

The council voted unanimously on Wednesday to reduce speed limits to 50 km/h near the schools.

Changes to speed limits can be made only if the circumstances fit Transport Agency criteria and in this case the criteria have not necessarily been met.

The council says the issue of road safety for children has been going on too long without any change.

Transport and road safety co-ordinator Lee Wright says she expects discussions will continue with the Transport Agency before any signs are actually put in place.

She says the decision was made on principle as the community wanted lower speed limits to keep children safe and felt the agency was not listening.

Helen Souness walks her children to Weedons School because she says the road is too dangerous for them to manage alone.

She says it is time the Transport Agency accepts the community wants change.