22 Aug 2010

Survivors of Korean trawler that sank interviewed

9:16 pm on 22 August 2010

Accident investigators have finished interviewing the survivors from the Korean-trawler that sank in icy waters off the South Island last week and say a picture is emerging of what happened.

The Oyang 70 went down suddenly on Wednesday, hundreds of kilometres off the Otago coast.

The 45 Indonesian, Korean and Filipino survivors, who arrived in Christchurch on Friday, have been interviewed by five investigators from the Transport Accident Investigation Commission.

A spokesperson, Peter Northcote, says it was a time consuming process involving translators, and statements will be analysed in the coming days.

The police, who are investigating the sinking on behalf of the coroner, have yet to finish interviewing the survivors.

Autopsies have also been done this weekend on the bodies of three Indonesian men recovered following the sinking.

A further three men are presumed drowned.