1 Aug 2010

Two arson attacks in Dunedin within 24 hours

2:59 pm on 1 August 2010

Detectives are investigating two arson attacks within 24 hours in Dunedin, but at this stage don't believe they're linked.

The first fire gutted the old Kaituna Bowling Club in Serpentine Avenue about 2am on Saturday.

The second blaze occurred nearby at about 1.35am on Sunday and caused scorching and smoke damage to a bakery on Longwood Avenue.

The building had been broken into, pies were stolen, and an offender left behind a trail of blood.

Detective Sergeant Brett Roberts says, at this stage, he doesn't believe the arsons are linked.

He says the two fires were about 1km apart, but one is a commercial premises which has probably been set alight to hide the fact that a burglary has occurred.

Mr Roberts says both fires were senseless acts of arson.

Detectives are appealing for witnesses to the fires.