20 Jul 2010

History of theft, vandalism on Scott Guy's property

4:45 pm on 20 July 2010

Police in Feilding say they have found no link yet between the killing of local farmer Scott Guy and a history of thefts, burglaries and vandalism on his property.

Mr Guy, 31, was found dead by a member of the public on Thursday, 8 July, at his property on Aorangi Road.

A police spokeswoman has confirmed that his house was extensively damaged by vandals last year while it was in the final stages of construction.

The old farmhouse had been destroyed by a suspicious fire three months before that, in late 2008, after a series of thefts.

The investigation team is asking for additional staff in anticipation of the inquiry entering a new phase.

'Not unusual' for rural communities

Manawatu Neighbourhood Support coordinator Allan Muntz says a spates of thefts, burglaries and vandalism are not unusual for rural communities.

Mr Muntz says there was an attempted burglary in the area in the month before Mr Guy's death, and a tractor was stolen.

He says crime can occur in clusters, depending on people's vigilance and who's moved into the area, but burglars are often opportunistic.

Meanwhile, response has been slow to a hotline set up by police to collect information about the killing.

An earlier search failed to find the shotgun used to kill Mr Guy, but police say another search could be launched if they receive new information.