25 Jun 2010

Farewell spending intended by Auckland councils

12:05 pm on 25 June 2010

Two councils in the Auckland region are considering expensive send-offs before they amalgamate into the super-city.

The Manukau City Council is considering spending $85,000 on a farewell event while Auckland City Council wants to publish a commemorative book on its history.

Manukau City Council says councillors are still to decide whether the event will go ahead.

The matter will be further discussed at a policy and activities committee meeting next month.

It's believed the farewell would be paid for with money set aside for Polyfest - which is not going ahead this year.

Meanwhile, Auckland City has announced plans to spend $120,000 to publish a book about its history.

It says funds for the project will come from savings made as a result of freezing the pay for councillors.

The new Auckland Council comes into being on 1 November.