21 Jun 2010

Super-city staff numbers become clearer

6:05 am on 21 June 2010

Auckland's new regional transport agency could have nearly 1000 staff, according to draft reorganisation plans.

Although it's still not known how many jobs will remain after the region's eight local bodies merge into one, more than 700 pages of draft reorganisation plans give some insight.

The Auckland Council looks to have the equivalent of around 5800 full-time staff.

New roles include Auckland's own chief economist.

The transport agency, which could have nearly 1000 staff, will centralise work done now by the region's eight local bodies.

More than half of the 8000 existing staff have job certainty, but the formation of new agencies and the expansion of the water company means the exact number of final jobs remains unclear.

The new structures will be finalised over the next two to three months.