2 Jun 2010

Force of alleged kicks by policemen queried

6:31 pm on 2 June 2010

A defence witness has questioned the strength of kicks two police officers are alleged to have delivered during a Dunedin arrest.

The witness has told the Dunedin District Court on Wednesday that the injuries the complainant received were inconsistent with the force described by two other constables who were present.

Constables Duncan Hollebon and Brenton Rooney have been suspended on full pay since February last year, when they're alleged to have kicked a man who was being arrested.

Two other constables involved in the arrest said they witnessed the kicks, which they described as hard or solid.

A retired forensic pathologist, Emeritus Professor Rex Ferris, said some of the injuries were consistent with the kind of blunt-force impact made by a shoe or boot.

But if the force involved was as the witnesses had described, he said, he would have expected the injuries to be more severe.