23 May 2010

Water supply restored to east Auckland suburbs

9:52 pm on 23 May 2010

The water supply has been restored to the eastern suburbs of Auckland, after a water main burst early on Sunday morning.

Manukau Water says more than 1000 households and businesses in Howick and Bucklands Beach were affected.

It says workers repaired the 300 millimetre pipe late on Sunday afternoon.

Since then, the pipes have been disinfected and water restored to the network.

The organisation says the rupture happened when a valve on the pipe split in the early hours of the morning.

It says the reason the valve failed is yet to be determined.

Manukau Water says water pressure should be back to normal for most of its customers.

However, it advises people to avoid washing laundry because the changes to pressure in the pipes could produce discoloured water.