27 Apr 2010

Men accused of possessing forged bank notes

2:34 pm on 27 April 2010

Three men accused of possessing forged bank notes have appeared in Wellington District Court.

Two of the men, who are all from Auckland, are also charged with using or attempting to use a forged bank note.

It is alleged that earlier on Monday Brian Henare, 21, tried to use a forged $100 note at a convenience store in Wellington.

He is also charged with possession of several other forged $100 and $50 dollar notes.

Whetu Williams, 18, is charged with possession of a forged $100 bank note.

Christopher Uritua, 26, is facing charges including having under his control 41 $100 forgeries and two $50 forgeries.

All three will reappear in Wellington District Court in May.

Police say the forged bank notes they recovered were very similar to the real thing.

Detective Sergeant Martin Todd says the notes he has seen so far are of a reasonable standard but the colour is not as bright as that of regular bank notes and they are not as crisp as the genuine article.

He says forged notes have recently been found elsewhere and he will be contacting police in those areas to find out if there is any connection.