23 Apr 2010

Auckland mayors confident about region's water supply

5:17 pm on 23 April 2010

Auckland's mayors say they have confidence in the security of the region's water supply despite warnings of possible restrictions.

The mayors were briefed by regional supplier Watercare Services on Friday, after several expressed surprise that restrictions could be imposed next summer if dry winter followed the current drought.

Mayoral Forum chairman Mark Ball from the Franklin District says the pipeline built from the Waikato River following the 1994 crisis can not be considered a panacea.

Mr Ball says the mayors are backing Watercare's advertising campaign urging restraint now to lessen the chance of restrictions later.

Watercare Services is pinning its hopes on the forecast from the climate agency NIWA which says it is more likely than not that rainfall in the upper North Island will be at least normal through to the end of June.

However, Waitakere City Mayor Bob Harvey is demanding an explanation for appeals to conserve water, saying the Auckland region invested heavily to avoid a repeat of the 1994 water crisis.