3 Mar 2010

MP organises super-city hearings protest

6:03 am on 3 March 2010

A member of the latest select committee on Auckland's super-city says the Government is failing to listen despite overwhelming anger from submitters.

Labour MP Phil Twyford has taken what he describes as the unusual move of organising a protest at the hearings he's involved in.

He says 90% of submissions to the committee have been against the super-city plans, but the response is likely to be minor tweaking.

Mr Twyford says people are feeling the process has been like a steamroller, with the Government having no intention of making significant changes.

Big business fears

An Auckland City Councillor says the agenda behind the latest super-city bill is about big business trying to privatise local government.

A so-called rebel group of city councillors has been protesting, along with about 60 others, outside the select committee hearing in Parnel on Tuesday.

Councillor Glenda Fryer says the group has a totally different perspective from other councillors about how the super-city should be rolled out.

Ms Fryer says decisions need to reflect the needs of the community - not what big businesses want.

The select committee will hear submissions for two more days in Auckland, before attending a half-day hearing in Wellington.