26 Feb 2010

Powers of boards under super-city remains unclear

10:38 pm on 26 February 2010

The agency creating Auckland's super-city council says the second tier of local boards will have a key role, although their powers are still unclear.

The Auckland Transition Agency on Friday released its discussion paper on how it envisages that the 19 boards will work under the single region-wide Auckland Council.

Many communities believe the boards will be their only real contact with the super-council.

The agency says the boards will oversee many local facilities, events and activities within council policies. Each board will have their own base but specific powers have yet to be sorted out.

However, an adviser for the agency, Grant Taylor, told a parliamentary select committee on Friday that legislation for the super-council is short on specifics regarding board powers, and much will depend on the individuals elected.

Waitakere City's deputy mayor Penny Hulse says the discussion paper leaves questions unanswered and legislation still before the select committee does not properly separate the roles of the boards from the super-council.

The Human Rights Commission says the legislation is being crafted too speedily and is making a mockery of democracy.

The select committee will continue hearings in Auckland next week.