5 Dec 2009

Christchurch boy racers warned to watch out

9:01 pm on 5 December 2009

The police are cracking down on boy racers in Christchurch, now that tougher rules on illegal street racing can be enforced.

When the Sentencing (Vehicle Confiscation) Amendment Act was passed by Parliament in October, Police Minister Judith Collins said that illegal street racers could have their cars seized and crushed.

The act, which came into effect on 1 December, allows for vehicles to be seized and destroyed after a third illegal street racing offence.

The Canterbury road policing manager, Inspector Al Stewart, says the police are now targetting areas known for boy racer activities.

People need to be aware, he says, that they can now receive heavy penalties for such activities as racing, spinning tyres and being excessively noisy, and that their vehicles could be impounded or destroyed.