3 Dec 2009

Pricier parking permits a step closer for capital

3:32 pm on 3 December 2009

A Wellington City Council committee has voted to raise the cost of residential and coupon parking in the city.

The committee had been considering five changes to parking rules, including price hikes of up to 30%. Council officials had suggested lifting the fees by between $5 and $15 a year, depending on the style of permit.

But on Thursday the mayor, Kerry Prendergast, won support for her amendments that will push the cost of a resident's parking permit up by $25 to $115 a year.

Coupon, or short-term parking on the city's fringe, would rise from $90 to $120 a month.

All except one of the committee members voted for the change, which lawyers have advised must now undergo a full council vote before coming into force in July.