2 Dec 2009

Maori Wardens planned for Queenstown

10:57 am on 2 December 2009

Maori Wardens are set to patrol the streets of Queenstown.

The organisation is made up of volunteers and perform a number of community services throughout the country, including safety patrols, traffic and crowd control.

Darren Rewi, who represents two rununga, or Maori trust boards, in the lower South Island says the move is a response to concerns of Maori families settling in the area.

Mr Rewi says there have also been problems with young people coming to the popular resort town for seasonal work and getting into trouble.

It is envisaged between 10 and 15 Maori Wardens will be active in Queenstown.

Maori Wardens in Dunedin and Invercargill receive some funding from local councils and Mr Rewi hopes this will also be the case in Queenstown.

"We believe the council as part of a District Plan is required to provide a safe and secure community - and we want to be part of that."