26 Nov 2009

Extremely rare waka outrigger dug up

10:15 pm on 26 November 2009

The kaitiakitanga or caretakers of Papanui inlet on the Otago Peninsula want the area recognised as a site of national significance.

An extremely rare outrigger from a pre-European waka has been found there.

Otakou runanga manager Hoani Langsbury has told Waatea News that an archeological dig two years ago excavated human bones and objects more than 200 years old.

That led, he says, to the unearthing of an eroding oval wooden structure that has now been confirmed as being made from both local totara and adzed timber from elsewhere.

"One of them is associated with a waka outrigger of which there's only ever been two other finds in New Zealand," he says.

Mr Langsbury says the runanga will meet Historic Places Trust and DoC representatives next month about the discoveries.