23 Sep 2009

Mayors want minister to intervene at regional council

8:05 pm on 23 September 2009

Canterbury mayors are pushing for the Government to intervene at the local regional council.

The province's 10 mayors have written to Local Government Minister Rodney Hide ahead of a vote by the Canterbury Regional Councillors on Thursday over whether to replace their chairman.

In August, eight of the 14 councillors supported a vote of no-confidence in Sir Kerry Burke, claiming that he lacks leadership, credibility and is too focused on Christchurch.

The letter from the mayors asked Mr Hide to investigate whether a review authority should be appointed to examine the council. The minister has agreed to look into the request.

But Sir Kerry is expressing disappointment that the mayors did not discuss their concerns with the regional council first.

A spokesperson for the minister says Mr Hide's decision to investigate the regional council does not suggest that he will be taking further action.