9 Sep 2009

Gunman who robbed security guard has appeal dismissed

1:42 pm on 9 September 2009

A gunman jailed for his role in a robbery in South Auckland that netted $140,000 has had his appeal against his conviction and sentence dismissed.

In 2006 two security guards were held up at gunpoint while replenishing ATMs, the two robbers getting away in a car driven by a third man.

During Phillip McMaster's trial the court heard evidence he'd been the gunman, and later bought a car for $10,000, paying for it with 100 dollar notes.

He was sentenced to eight years in prison.

McMaster asked the Court of Appeal if he could introduce fresh evidence from two co-offenders who now say he was not involved in the crime.

The Court said they were not impressive witnesses and that it did not believe them.