25 Aug 2009

Morning Report: local papers

6:38 am on 25 August 2009

Tuesday's papers: Move to fine drivers who run out of petrol on motorways; anti-stadium group faces $17,000 in court costs.

NZ Herald

The New Zealand Herald leads with a proposal to fine drivers who run out of petrol on motorways in Auckland. Police are tired of being called to help stranded motorists and have asked the Transport Agency to look at a bylaw for a fine of up to $250.

A survey shows more men - 23% - than women report suffering some kind of psychological abuse from their partner.

There's a photo of Auckland zoo's elephant Kashin who was put down on Monday, aged 40.

Tana Umaga has met Brian O'Driscoll for the first time since a controversial rugby tackle ended the Irishman's Test series as captain of the 2005 Lions.

Dominion Post

The Dominion Post leads with a depositions hearing over the death of student Catherine Peters in a failed bridge swing. The court was told the rope was too long and not tied properly. Adventure company director Alastair McWhannell faces a manslaughter charge.

John Key says he does not want Parliament "derailed and consumed" by another smacking debate.

Veteran runner Bernie Portenski is pictured beside a 60km per hour speed limit sign. She plans to run and walk 60km on Wednesday to celebrate her 60th birthday.

The Press

The Press leads with the mother of rape and murder victim Marie Davis saying killer Dean Cameron has destroyed her family. Janet Davis read her victim-impact statement at Cameron's sentencing on Monday.

A Christchurch dairy owner who scared off a pistol-toting robber with a baton, carried on serving customers before calling police. And the Belfast Tavern is offering a $100 bar tab for the return of a toilet seat which has been stolen from the pub.


The Otago Daily Times reports the Stop the Stadium group could be billed $17,000 after losing their court challenges. Dunedin City Council says most of its costs will have to be borne by ratepayers.

The father of an English tourist who drowned while river boarding on the Kawarau River is calling for regulations and stringent safety standards to be imposed on adventure tourism operators. And a Hawker Hurricane that was part of Sir Tim Wallis's collection is for sale by auction and expected to fetch about $5 million.