12 Aug 2009

Warden overwhelmed by public response to incident

7:42 pm on 12 August 2009

A Maori warden who stood between a mob of drunken looters and the shattered window of a clothing store in Palmerston North early on Sunday, says she is over-whelmed by the community response to her actions.

Francie Teppett, 56, says she was patrolling in the Square when a stolen car hit a parked car and then crashed into the clothing store before her eyes just as about 40 revellers were leaving nearby pubs.

She says she pulled one person out of the window display area who was helping himself then stood in front of the crowd with her police issue torch at the ready if anyone else tried to help themselves.

She told Waatea News they would have had to get past her, to get into the store.

She says it has taken 23 years as a Maori warden to be recognised for her work and the public response has been very humbling.